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Aleco’s exclusive Strip Door System includes:

MaxBullet® Mounting Hardware

Clear-Flex® II Strips


Our exclusive MaxBullet® strip door mounting hardware has revolutionized the way strip doors are installed. Once the MaxBullet® hardware is attached to a door frame, no tools are required to attach the strips. Initial door installation is 75% faster; strip replacement is 90% faster.


Aleco’s Clear-Flex® II Strips help you create a cleaner and more efficient work environment. Prevent movement of dust and other contaminants from one area to another. Save energy by minimizing loss of heated or cooled air at unprotected openings. Reduce noise by creating a sound barrier between areas.

Complete Strip Doors

Complete Strip Door Kits

Aleco strip doors will arrive ready for installation. Complete with the door mounting hardware and vinyl PVC strips of your choice. Installation hardware is not included (nuts and bolts).

Tearaway PVC Rolls

TearAway® Strips

A continuous bulk PVC roll of stripping material perforated and pre-punched in custom lengths to fit your specific application. Available as quick strips, bulk rolls or in a defined length for replacement strips.

PVC Strip Types

Aleco® Clear-Flex® II Strip Types

Clear-Flex® II Strips feature an entire array of products. From opaque black to safety orange, Aleco has a stripping that is right for your task.

Strip Door Mounting Hardware

Strip Door Mounting Hardware

Aleco's exclusive MaxBullet® Strip Door Mounting System headlines a complete range of strip door mounts. Easy to install, it makes PVC strip installation a “snap.” Reduce your installation and maintenance time dramatically.

Replacement PVC Strips

Replacement Strips

Our replacement strips are pre-cut and pre-punched to meet your specifications.  All strips will arrive ready for installation. Also see our NEW Tearaway® Strip rolls.

Review our complete listing of Clear-Flex® II Strip products.

Bulk PVC Strip Rolls

Bulk Rolls

All Aleco® Clear-Flex® II Strip products are available in bulk roll format. Our MaxMagic Template Kits allow you to save money by cutting the strips to length and punching the holes yourself.

6-pack dealer strip door display

6-Pack Strip Door Dealer Displays

Call to find out how the wholesale Aleco 6-pack retail display can grow your strip door business.

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