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ImpacDor® AIS-175

The Aleco® ImpacDor® AIS-175 is the industry standard featuring a full thickness, flexible design for punishing applications. The unique pliable construction flexes to absorb impact.

The Aleco® ImpacDor® AIS-175’s innovative construction with rubber I-beams bonded to flexible vinyl facings ensures flexibility at impact and the “memory” to return to its original shape.Rubber I-beam extrusions, steel spine and aluminum mount assembly add strength at the door's perimeters and prevent breakdown at the hinge and bearing areas.

Tough, Versatile Door Solutions

The Aleco® ImpacDor® AIS-175 is ideal for any doorway that faces frequent motorized traffic, but is also light and responsive enough for carts and walk-through personnel.

Flexible foam insulation, double-loop nosing and blade air seals resist heat, dust and sound transfer. With clean aesthetics and well-engineered details, the AIS-175 can be installed in retail applications with confidence.

Custom Made to Exact Size

Most Aleco® ImpacDor® AIS-175 doors are custom made to suit your application within1/8" of opening size up to 8' wide and 10' high. Transoms or dutch doors are suggested for openings higher than ten feet.


Black only

Available Options

  • Molded tear-drop bumpers up to 48" tall (not recommended for all applications)
  • 8-3/4" high × 3" deep zinc plated jamb guards
  • Wash down package–Teflon coated hardware
  • Window options available

For Pressure and Wind Loads

  • Adjustable spring compensator
  • Top mounted compression spring

PDFSales Sheet

PDFSpec Sheet

PDF dwg Architectural Drawing

PDF Word CSI Specifications

pdfTube Steel Frames


Flexible rubber sub-frame

Fabric reinforced vinyl facings

Heavy duty V-cam hinges

Full thickness
1-13/16" (46mm) insulated construction

Full height mount assembly

48" vinyl impact panels

Bottom bearing lower hinge

Full perimeter air seal

14"×16" dual pane windows standard


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