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ImpacDor® RD-175

The Aleco® ImpacDor® RD-175 is a durable, lightweight, attractive impact door with insulated panel and full perimeter seal ideal for rack, push cart and pallet jack traffic.

The Aleco® ImpacDor® RD-175 is designed for effortless swing using the EZ Hinge stainless steel upper hinge and 8 ¾"H lower jamb guard.

The Aleco RD-175 is constructed from rigid sub-frames ultrasonically welded to the 1/8" thick ABS facings available in 12 colors. The internal closed cell foam insulation provides an R-value of 7.5.

The Aleco RD-175 is constructed without wood, glue or rivets and is ideal for wash down applications when ordered with the single pane window option.

Superior Perimeter Seal Design for a Superior Seal

The Aleco RD-175 features a fully replaceable perimeter seal including the leading edge of each panel.

Leading edge seals are extruded from USDA and FDA accepted Neoprene material.

Ideal for any application where a durable, tight sealing, insulated, energy saving door is desired.

Dual Pane Windows

The Aleco RD-175 windows feature sealed dual pane construction for superior insulation qualities. Window panes are 1/8" clear polycarbonate mounted in ABS frames for long-term durability.

The Perfect Retail Door

The Aleco RD-175 is ideal for food service, food processing, retail, supermarket and light industrial applications. The total panel thickness is 1 ¾" and is custom constructed to your requirements +/- 1/8" of actual net opening width and height.

The RD-175 provides smooth, quiet and easy double-action opening up to 125° in either direction so the door swings out of traffic’s way without over extending the hinge.

Magna Impact Door

Available Colors

Note: Colors are digitally shown and may vary from actual color. Please request product sample for true color representation.

x - color no longer available

* some doors may not be available in all colors.

Available Options

  • Molded polyethylene tear-drop bumpers up to 48" tall
  • ABS Impact panels up to 48" tall
  • Window options available (including single pane for washdown applications)

PDFSales Sheet

PDFSpec Sheet

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Installation Guides

Installation Guide

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Food Service

Retail Stores

Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities

Light Industrial


Lightweight, insulated full thickness 1-¾" (44mm) impact door

Internal extruded framework uses no wood

Ultrasonically welded ABS facings—no adhesive, screws or rivets

Closed cell foam insulation

EZ hinge hardware provides 125° degree swing in both directions

Easy installation

Low maintenance

Stainless steel EZ hinge with 8-3/4" high × 3" wide deep jamb guards


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