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ImpacDor® FS-250

The Aleco® ImpacDor® FS-250 is a lightweight, durable and economical ¼" (6mm) ABS door with reinforced spine that provides exceptional strength and longevity.

The Aleco® ImpacDor® FS-250 is a double-acting swinging door designed for food service, retail and light industrial applications where an attractive, durable and affordable traffic door is needed.

The solid ABS door-body is impenetrable to moisture, food stains and common chemicals. Drips, spills and smears simply wipe off, leaving a clean surface.

Unique Design Eliminates Chipping and Peeling

The Aleco® ImpacDor® FS-250 is a one-piece solid-core door without gasketing.

The flexibility of the door allows it to function well even in high cart and personnel traffic areas.

The facing will not chip, peel or corrode, even with repeated impact by carts, hand truck and pallets.

The color of the door is consistent throughout the material for an attractive long-lasting appearance.

The FS-250 Opens Quick and Easily with EZ Hinge Hardware

With the EZ Hinge system, the FS-250 operates smoothly and quietly, and includes 8¾" high jamb guards.

Easy-to-open doors will translate to longer lasting doors and safer personnel and product passage. FS-250 doors open 125° in each direction to accommodate the natural flow of traffic.

No perimeter seals.

Custom Made to Exact Size

All Aleco® doors are made to exact size specifications to fit existing door openings. For consistent performance, sizes are customized to 1/8" on every FS-250 door to fit perfectly.

Magna Impact Door Available Colors

Note: Colors are digitally shown and may vary from actual color. Please request product sample for true color representation.

x - color is no longer available

* some doors may not be available in all colors.

Available Options

  • ABS impact wear panels up to 48" tall
  • Window options available

PDFSales Sheet

PDFSpec Sheet

PDF Word CSI Specifications

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PDFInstallation manual

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Food Service


Retail Stores

Commercial Applications

Light Industrial


Rugged ¼" (6mm) ABS construction with reinforced spine

Stainless steel EZ hinge with 8-3/4" high × 3" deep jamb guards

Easy installation

Light, responsive swing action accommodates personnel, carts and racks up to moderate pallet jack traffic

7½"×10½" single pane window standard


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