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Supra Impact Door

The Aleco® Supra ImpacDor® is a flexible panel door designed for heavy-duty use and maximum visibility.

With a full crystal-clear panel for maximum safety, the Supra ImpacDor® is ideal for high traffic volume heavy-duty forklift, pallet jack, pushcart and pedestrian use.

Engineered for Heavy-Duty Use

The Supra is designed for the most demanding commercial, industrial and food processing applications where built-in durability is required.

Tough, wear resistant .394" thick crystal clear flexible panels absorb the initial impact of loads passing through the Supra door.

Supra panels are easy to clean and maintain and can be inexpensively replaced when necessary.

Durable, Maintenance-Free, and Easy to Install

The Supra features galvanized steel hinges for corrosion resistance. The Supra’s upper and lower mounting brackets are low profile thus out of the way of impact collision damage.

Ninety percent of the Supra’s weight rests on the floor so no special jamb reinforcement is necessary.

Adjustable Closing Mechanism

The adjustable torsion spring closing mechanism allows the Supra to swing on an even plane and can be adjusted to compensate for wind or negative pressure conditions. Panels overlap in the center 3" for better sealing.

Magna Impact Door

Custom made to exact size

The Aleco® Supra ImpacDor® may be custom made to suit your application for opening sizes up to 8' × 10'.

Transoms (strip curtains) are available for openings higher than 10'.

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Industrial Plants

Food Processing Plants

Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities

Retail Stores


Crystal clear , .394" thick panels

Unrestricted visibility

Designed for heavy-duty industrial, commercial and food processing traffic

Adjustable torsion spring closing mechanism assures 180º swing capability on an even plane

Lower threaded adjuster makes for quick and easy installation and alignment

Finished panels may be field modified by as much as 4" in height and 5" in width. Custom sizes available.

Galvanized full length hinges


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