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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Feel-Good™ Anti-Fatigue Matting

Feel-Good™ Anti-Fatigue Matting


  • Ergonomically designed domed surface provides fatigue relief
  • Raised dome provides non-slip surface
  • Tapered edges and rounded corners help eliminate trip hazard
  • Waffle underside grips floor preventing movement
  • Standard size/color: 2' x 3', 3/8" thick, 5.5 pounds, black
  • For dry areas only


Test Method 


Typical Values

Compression Deflection

ESR M-006.01

in. @ 35 psi


Tabor Abrasion

ASTM D-4060
H22 - 500 cycles

% weight loss


Static Coefficient of Friction

ASTM C-1028

Wet - 0.89
Dry - 1.03

Limiting Oxygen Index

ASTM D-2863



Critical Radiant Flux

ASTM E-648

Class 1


Rolls of Anti-Fatigue Matting

Aleco Anti-Fatigue Matting combines a resilient foam base and a durable vinyl top surface to provide an effective and ergonomic solution to reduce worker fatigue.

  • 24", 36", 48" widths. 75 foot rolls
  • Available in black or black with yellow caution stripe
  • Available without or with a resilient foam base for fatigue relief
  • Beveled on the outside edges to reduce the risk of trip hazards
  • Dry Applications

Diamond Plate Surface Finished Mat
cut to desired shape

Diamond Plate Surface

  • Best traction
  • Most popular surface pattern
  • Long-lasting durability and worker comfort

Diamond Plate Surface

Corrugated Surface Finished Mat
cut to desired shape

Corrugated Surface

  • Wide ribbed surface for easy cleaning
  • Ribbed surface improves traction and reduces worker fatigue
  • Perfect for heavy-duty use

Corrugated Surface

Typical applications

Cashier stations

Indoor entranceways

Assembly stations

Service counters

Manufacturing, commercial and institutional



Assembly Lines

Machine Shops

Packing Areas

Shipping Areas

Service Counters


Feel-Good™ Anti-Fatigue Matting


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