Insect Control


AirStream® Perforated PVC Strips

Ventilation Without Aggravation

Ladybug The new AirStream® perforated PVC insect barrier is a completely unique and innovative product – unlike anything currently available.

AirStream® provides all the features of Aleco® strip doors with the added benefit of allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping unwanted flying insects out!


  • Allows fresh air in—keeps unwanted pests out
  • Tough enough for forklift traffic
  • Helps keep facility cooler longer
  • Helps meet FDA requirements
  • Improves building appearance
  • Available in clear and amber color
  • Amber color significantly reduces heat from sun while allowing light and air in.


  • Available in standard temperature formula only
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Holes measure 3/16" diameter
  • 6" × .060" thick for small, conveyor-type openings
  • 8" × .080" thick for personnel and interior doors
  • 12" × .120" thick for docks and exterior openings
  • Complete door kits, bulk rolls and replacement strips available

AirStream Bulk Rolls Unrolled

AirStream Perforated PVC Bug Barrier

Allows air ventilation and keeps flying insects out of your work area

✓ Forklifts

✓ Pedestrian

✓ Pallet Jacks

✓ Hand Carts

✓ Restaurants

✓ Loading Docks

✓ Commercial, Manufacturing and Institutional Exterior Openings

Also Available in Color Amber

Most flying insects perceive the amber color as black or opaque and will not try to enter the area.


AirStream MaxBullet Installation Combine with MaxBullet® Hardware...

...for the fastest, easiest install.

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